Friday, December 26, 2008

Gingey goes skiing in Beaver Creek

When we were in Beaver Creek a couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the rare and infamous Gingerbreadman named Gingey (this is actually Tracy's sister Sue (or Peanut as some of you may know her)).

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas.... a weekend at the Ritz Carlton!  (Forget my two front teeth!)

This year, rather than running around Christmas shopping and spending too much money on too much stuff, we decided that we would rather spend some time together in the mountains, eating, drinking, skiing, spa-ing, and well, more drinking. We were able to score a little place in Beaver Creek (thanks Scott Factor!!) for a few fun-filled days.

And so it begins.....

But first, it was time for some holiday cheer....

Cheers Peanut!

The greatest Mom ever!

Peter and Chris happy to finally have a drink in their hand knowing it was going to be a long weekend with the Lucas girls. 

Aforementioned Lucas girls
Peen and Chris taking it in. 

Chris having a tender moment with P and T.

Then some good times on the slopes.  We were fully prepared to have very little snow, since it was still pretty early in the season, but we ended up getting 2 feet of fresh powder!  It was unbelievable!

P and T ready to tear it up!  (if only their legs were!)

Amazing snow!  (photo courtesy of Meg)

Woohoo!  My brother in his element.  (photo courtesy of Meg)

The siblings

Good times on the lift with P and T.
Meg and Jeff

think the snowboard is actually just an extension of my brother's body.

P. looking like he owns the place.

While we were all out on the slopes, Mom was inside baking up a storm....

Mmmm.....cream puffs and nut cups (or pecan delights as Chris prefers to call them)!

Oh, and a brief montage of Peen detaching her jaw to enjoy said baked goods:

Mom was appauled.  As I am sure Peen will be when she sees I have posted these pics.  
Good stuff Peanut!

And the skiing continued.....

Waiting for the lift to open. (P and T not pictured as they were still in bed)

Jeff shredding in the pow pow. (photo courtesy of Meg)

P and T still loving it.  (The pain has not set in yet)

View from the top of Meg's board. (photo courtesy of Meg)

And of course, Meg.

My sister got the wild idea to dress up as a giant gingerbread man, who we adoringly called Gingey.  She actually skied in that getup all day!  People went crazy for it!  Asking for hugs, pictures, and ginger snaps (which unfortunately she didn't have).  I have never laughed so hard! We captured some fantastic video footage that will follow shortly. 


Gingey on the lift with Chris.

And P and T continued to fight the pain as they were having way too much fun!

But would do it again and again, as long as the ski valet keeps showing up.  

Time to dry out the boots in front of the fire....

And of course nothing quite finishes off a day of skiing like cocktail hour in the hot tub.....

View from the tub

Chris was feeling a little warm so he decided to lay in the snow. 
 We all thought he was crazy, but....

....he was feeling pretty good about it!

And this guy is always feeling pretty good.....

A last look at the view, before we head on down the hill back home.

P and T seen here smiling, although crying on the inside knowing there will be no concierge at home.

Good times, amazing snow, great food, and some fantastic memories!  Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free the Heel, Free the Soul....

In all of the excitement of getting ready to head to Beaver Creek, I was looking through some old pictures and realized it has been awhile since we have been skiing. We are really looking forward to seeing the fam and doing a little shredding in the pow pow!! Not to mention our accommodations will be a little different than our previous road trip adventure. Although, I wouldn't have done that trip any other way! Well, maybe in a VW bus! (insert spreadsheet for planning next year's Turkey Summit 2009 here) See you on the slopes....

P and T seen on the top of one of Vail's back bowls January 2006.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Peanut!

To the best seester ever!! Hope you have a fantastic day filled with spa treatments, limo rides and glasses overflowing with champagne! You are the best!!

Peen seen here sticking her head out of a limo while driving down I-25.   

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Tribute to AFSCME

This is just a little reminder not to forget the hardworking people of AFSCME over the holidays.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

As most of you know, this Thanksgiving we decided to take a journey on the open road with our friends the Van Emsts. Believe it or not, we loaded up in what we adoringly called "The Beast, and headed north along the coast. This pic is just a taste of the good times that were had by all, but I think it captures the essence. Stay tuned for more details.....

Our Thanksgiving dinner attire.  

We made an attempt to have a '60s theme.  It seems that my outfit came across like a bad Mrs. Roper, and since we told Peter we would be in the wilderness, he came prepared in full combat gear, and didn't take it off the entire time. (insert vision of camo roll here)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Barracuda Recordings

Some of you that know me have heard about Barracuda Recordings and the days of glory in the UK. Well, it's time to revive those days and so Barracuda Recordings is being relaunched in San Francisco. The talk is finally over so here it steps though....
The initial site will be blog-based primarily to launch the Freshly Squeezed (copyright Andy Howes) compilations and eventually some of the work by two of our signed artists, Pete Marvelous and Sarah Levy ( Once we add additional artists or go big-time a full fledged site will be launched. We are still working on a solution to stream the music compilations listed....most likely through an embedded player or perhaps through Podcasts. Please standby and be patient as we attempt to work out the kinks.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breakfast with Dirty Harry on Saturday morning we were having breakfast and we flipped on the box and happened to stumble across Magnum Force. Now, you may be asking yourself, why would I even be remotely interested in watching Dirty Harry fight through "red tape" on the streets of San Francisco on a Saturday morning? Well, for one, it's Clint, and well....enough said. I still think he could take Chuck Norris in a street fight. (Don't tell Chuck!) It's also a good time to see old footage of San Francisco, but what really jumped out at me, was the pristine Splitty he takes out when running from the cops. (3:37) My heart actually stopped! I found it more traumatic than the guy he threw out of his moving car!

Scene right before the damage takes place.....

Also to note, Harry really knows how to handle that unmarked Ford from the 70s, and oddly enough, I have a strange desire to watch The Enforcer this weekend.

(For you
VW enthusiasts, you can also see him whip by an old bug at 4:09)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

3 years?? Seriously?

Where does the time go? I couldn't imagine it any other way.  Happy Anniversary Monkey!  Here's to the adventure.....

P and T seen here in the city last week doing a reenactment of their 1st wedding that was originally officiated by a homeless man in San Francisco back in 2004.