Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Ah, Sundays....a little football, a homemade ham and mushroom quiche, the Sunday paper and some Bloody Marys.
A 'Sucka-free Sunday' indeed!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Trip to Calistoga

We decided to take a drive up north into wine country and make a visit to Calistoga. But first, we made a quick stop at the Oakville Grocery for some lunch. It was a beautiful fall day and a great day for a drive.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Caffe DiVino

Last night Peter and I indulged in a little Italian fare at Caffe DiVino which has quickly become one of our favorite local spots. My pal EP introduced it to me awhile ago and it turns out they make a mean plate of Pasta Carbonara, which happens to be Peter's fave. It is an unassuming little place that makes you feel like you are in a small Italian neighborhood. Throw in some live music and a good glass of sangiovese, and it can't be beat.

Note: the poor picture quality is due to an attempt to capture the moment with the camera on my phone.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Talar du svenska??

School is back in session, which means I am back brushing up on my mad Swedish speaking skills. Classes are on Wednesday nights at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley. So far, I have progressed from 'I drink coffee in the kitchen', to 'Where are my socks??' I am going to be quite the conversationalist on our next visit to the motherland. The studying continues.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fantasy Football Update - Week 3

A few of you have asked me how things have been going with my first stab at Fantasy Football. There hasn't been much to report because I am taking a serious beating! I am currently 0-3! There really aren't any excuses other than I wasn't present at the draft, my quarterbacks are terrible, the new QB I picked up just injured himself and was pulled from the game, the Denver Broncos cannot get their act together, and I don't even want to talk about Miami Dolphins defense! Ugh! It is still early in the season, but it has sure been a rough start! Especially with all of the trash talking that has transpired! (Most of it actually coming from me. Go figure.) I will continue to take the verbal beatings (since I will still continue to dish them out) and hold my head up high in hopes for a win later in the season.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sausalito Chili Peace Summit Revisited

Well, on behalf of Sausalito Underground, we collectively decided to throw in the towel for the 29th Annual Chili Cook-Off. It was a fun-filled weekend, and we decided to have a sucka-free Sunday instead. We were going to stop by the festivities, but between a late breakfast and a day of football, it slipped away from us. See you next year!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Michigan Rummy

Saturday night Brett taught us all how to play a childhood favorite of his: Michigan Rummy. He hand crafted the board based on a design originally created by his grandfather. Lots of pennies, lots of drinks and lots o' fun! EP also chefed up some amazing corn chowder, complete with fresh warm bread and a fantastic salad! Deelish! We haven't seen our pals Brett and EP in a long time since we have all been traveling and going opposite directions and now we just can't get enough! Not to mention, it was just one year ago when we first met on the bocce court at Dunphy Park in Sausalito. Ah, memories! Here's to making many more.....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Lost Balls Wins Again!!

Bocce update: Currently Lost Balls is 3-0!! Peter and I missed last week since we were in Hawaii, but the Van Emsts really stepped up to the plate and brought home the win. This week, it was a tough match against Rolling Thunder. They came to roll, to win and to drink excessively! A tough team to beat, and it all came down to sudden death. Thanks to Jan, a top draft pick from Italians at Heart, who pulled out all the stops with the final winning throw! For more details, click here.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday little brother!! Best wishes for a great year ahead! You sure finished the last one with a bang! Fantastic! Sorry, but your card is late! (imagine that!) Love you Scruffy!

Jeff seen here (on the left) looking very excited after just blowing out his birthday candles with his buddy Andrew. (Sept. '05)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Visit From Steve and Erin

This week we were graced by the presence of Steve and Erin who came for a visit from Halifax. Unfortunately they were here mostly for business. Steve kept busy at the Salesforce conference, and Erin, being a sommelier, had a great time up in Napa for a few days, but we were able to squeeze in some good times as usual. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mahalo Hawaii!

Alas, just as we were getting into our groove, it is time to go home. We will miss the weather, the warm ocean water and the mai tais. Until next time.....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

North Shore - Hale'iwa

Back to the North Shore for some more time at Sunset Beach and a stop in Hale'iwa. Great little surfer town with some good restaurants, shops, and art galleries. We stopped for lunch at Kua 'Aina and had some killer burgers and then some of the best shaved ice ever at Matsumotos!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The North Shore

We went for a little adventure along the North Shore. We loved this side of the island....big waves, beautiful beaches, and definitely more local flavor. We also got to check out the Billabong Jr. Pro Surf Championship at Sunset Beach. I am such a surfer girl wanna-be, so it is always fun to watch them rip it up.

Robin's Nest

Well, we caught a peek of the home of Magnum P.I. Sadly, no pics of Peter wearing a Tigers hat with a red aloha shirt. I had an entire montage of Magnum-style pics planned, but the tide was high, and we were unable to get around to the other side of the house. Not to mention, someone actually lives there and we didn't want to get arrested.

Home of Island Hoppers (where TC had his office)

Aerial view of Robin's Nest

Friday, September 14, 2007

Waikiki at Night

We have been enjoying the evenings filled with food and drinks, but mostly we have been enjoying the warm ocean breezes and the 78 degree evening temps! It is going to be a rude awakening to return to the cool bay breeze back home! We are headed up to the North Shore today to do some exploring and to see if Robin's Nest is for sale. Aloha!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How's the Weather??

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We had to get the trip started off right with a happy hour stop at Duke's for some nachos and libations. The meetings have been good, but the drinks have been better.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Greetings From Waikiki

We decided to combine work with a little play, so Peter and I are off to Hawaii. I have a few meetings during the week, but we are going to stay through the weekend, hit the sun, the surf and the Mai Tais! Peter hasn't been here since the '80's and he has been pointing out all of the hot spots where specific Magnum P.I. episodes have been filmed. He was disappointed that we ended up with the Ford Taurus and not a Ferrari as a rental car!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

And So It Begins.....

Well, I am officially a golfer. I am the proud owner of some new golf clubs courtesy of Dom P. at Golf Mart in South San Francisco. I knew I had the right club in my hand when I took a swing at the ball and he exclaimed, 'Holy Hell!!' He took one look at Peter, and said, "you better never make her mad!" He was such a character and so much fun! I have been taking some lessons at the Presido Golf Club in San Francisco, and I have discovered I love this game! I can't wait for P. to get his new clubs next week so we can go hit the sticks!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Do I Smell Wombats??

Well the Sausalito Fall Bocce League has started off with a bang! Lots of changes, lots of drama, lots of fun!! Even Ted, the famous Sausalito mascot showed up to check out the action. First, and most importantly to note we have won our first game as Lost Balls! Peter and I knew we had to do our team proud, as Elizabeth and Brett are running around in Seattle this weekend and could not be at the match, we had to pull out all the stops! Peg's Pride and Joy stepped up to the plate, but just didn't quite have the stuff to take us down. The word is that Peg will be having mandatory practices on their lunch hour.

Also, a huge upset right outta the gate! New entry Boccelism threw down like champs and won their match against last years champions A&J Rollers! It was a tight competition and a great game to watch. If they can roll anything like they play shuffleboard, we are all in for a case of Boccelism!

Jim from A&J Rollers has branched off to start his own team: Bella Italia. Susan from Peg's Pride and Joy has also joined forces with Jim, making them somewhat of a controversial entry. Sadly, not even Jim's Rick Barry-style throw (as noted by Chris from Boccelism) could help them hold their own against returning team Rolling Thunder. Carol and Wayne threw like champs and they will definitely be a team to watch this year.

Honorable mention: Susan still gets points for style showing up to play in a black suit complete with strappy heels.

(Note: Rick Barry's below the waist method, which looks like you're throwing a giant skee-ball, was so successful that he never shot less than 86% in his seasons in the NBA and the ABA. It wasn't graceful looking, and doesn't claim to tackle anything in basketball as serious as arm injuries in baseball, but it was outside the norm enough and looked so, well, unmanly, that no one, not even his own ball-playing sons, would go for it.)

And last but certainly not least, The Wombats have returned with a vengance! They showed up with their competitive spirit, plenty of libations, and even hot potstickers and grilled sausages! Chanting their motto "Wombat Power" brought them to victory over new entry P&R Revelers. Kay Horn, who was playing for P&R, may just be a secret weapon for the team, as she gained some key points, making them a strong contender. She is also one of my personal favorites, as one of her first questions was, "do we get to wear any special gloves, or are there any specific accoutrements needed for this game?" Love her!

Also to note, Bob, the Italians at Heart strong arm, is officially a free agent. He was pinch hitting for A&J Rollers, and even with a torn rotator cuff fresh from surgery, he can still roll like a champ left handed! We are hoping to pick him up and make him an official member of Lost Balls. Stay tuned!

Editors note: I apologize that their are not more Kodak moments of the season's big opener. I was having a hard time taking some pictures, and Peter looked at the camera, and said "Don't you even know how to use your own camera?", snapped off the beauty posted above, and then the battery died. Note to self: make sure battery is charged in order to ensure proper functioning of camera.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football??

I love plastic stadium nachos and ice cold beer as much as the next crazed football fan, but more importantly than that, I love to win!! I have joined a Fantasy Football league this year, and tonight is the kick off to the season! The season hasn't even started, and I am already finding that I am obsessed with stats, who is injured, who is starting, who can I trade? Tonight it's the New Orleans Saints vs. the Indianapolis Colts and I have some key guys that can get me some points. Below is the list of the guys I ended up with in the draft. (click on the pic to see a larger image) It didn't go exactly as I had hoped, but I think I will hold my own. Stay tuned for the madness that will ensue.....

Mexican Extravaganza

Well, it was quite a jam packed weekend! We met with 2 different wedding planners, a photographer, had a food tasting, had copious champagne tastings, saw several different beach sites, a couple different reception options, and still managed to have quite a good time doing it! There was no relaxing involved, although drinking Coronas on the beach while sitting in hammocks was not exactly working that hard! The weather was perfect and we were able to dodge Hurricane Felix just in time! It is always a great time when the Lucas girls get together! I can't wait to go back for the wedding!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Home Again

Well, I made it back home after a long, fun-filled weekend with my Mom and sister in Playa Del Carmen. I think I may have overdone it, because I came home with some version of the Mexican Swine Flu or something. Such a nice souvenir for Peter! I am hoping I can kick it out of my system without passing it to Peter since we are headed for Hawaii next week! In the meantime I will be drinking plenty o' fluids.

Monday, September 3, 2007

By the Power of Grayskull!!

So while Tracy was off galavanting in Mexico over the weekend I was left to my own devices and engaged in a multitude of exciting adventures including washing the cars, sleeping, going to the gym, racing GT4 on the PS2, and watching movies. One of the them stood out above the rest: HOT FUZZ. The Brits have managed to create a refreshing take on Hollywood's shoot-em up-blow-em-up-and-if-they're-not-dead-shoot-em-again movie. Highly recommended, some British exposure or experience of the country is recommended to appreciate some subtleties buried within this fantastic flick.