Friday, September 7, 2007

Do I Smell Wombats??

Well the Sausalito Fall Bocce League has started off with a bang! Lots of changes, lots of drama, lots of fun!! Even Ted, the famous Sausalito mascot showed up to check out the action. First, and most importantly to note we have won our first game as Lost Balls! Peter and I knew we had to do our team proud, as Elizabeth and Brett are running around in Seattle this weekend and could not be at the match, we had to pull out all the stops! Peg's Pride and Joy stepped up to the plate, but just didn't quite have the stuff to take us down. The word is that Peg will be having mandatory practices on their lunch hour.

Also, a huge upset right outta the gate! New entry Boccelism threw down like champs and won their match against last years champions A&J Rollers! It was a tight competition and a great game to watch. If they can roll anything like they play shuffleboard, we are all in for a case of Boccelism!

Jim from A&J Rollers has branched off to start his own team: Bella Italia. Susan from Peg's Pride and Joy has also joined forces with Jim, making them somewhat of a controversial entry. Sadly, not even Jim's Rick Barry-style throw (as noted by Chris from Boccelism) could help them hold their own against returning team Rolling Thunder. Carol and Wayne threw like champs and they will definitely be a team to watch this year.

Honorable mention: Susan still gets points for style showing up to play in a black suit complete with strappy heels.

(Note: Rick Barry's below the waist method, which looks like you're throwing a giant skee-ball, was so successful that he never shot less than 86% in his seasons in the NBA and the ABA. It wasn't graceful looking, and doesn't claim to tackle anything in basketball as serious as arm injuries in baseball, but it was outside the norm enough and looked so, well, unmanly, that no one, not even his own ball-playing sons, would go for it.)

And last but certainly not least, The Wombats have returned with a vengance! They showed up with their competitive spirit, plenty of libations, and even hot potstickers and grilled sausages! Chanting their motto "Wombat Power" brought them to victory over new entry P&R Revelers. Kay Horn, who was playing for P&R, may just be a secret weapon for the team, as she gained some key points, making them a strong contender. She is also one of my personal favorites, as one of her first questions was, "do we get to wear any special gloves, or are there any specific accoutrements needed for this game?" Love her!

Also to note, Bob, the Italians at Heart strong arm, is officially a free agent. He was pinch hitting for A&J Rollers, and even with a torn rotator cuff fresh from surgery, he can still roll like a champ left handed! We are hoping to pick him up and make him an official member of Lost Balls. Stay tuned!

Editors note: I apologize that their are not more Kodak moments of the season's big opener. I was having a hard time taking some pictures, and Peter looked at the camera, and said "Don't you even know how to use your own camera?", snapped off the beauty posted above, and then the battery died. Note to self: make sure battery is charged in order to ensure proper functioning of camera.

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