Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fantasy Football Update - Week 3

A few of you have asked me how things have been going with my first stab at Fantasy Football. There hasn't been much to report because I am taking a serious beating! I am currently 0-3! There really aren't any excuses other than I wasn't present at the draft, my quarterbacks are terrible, the new QB I picked up just injured himself and was pulled from the game, the Denver Broncos cannot get their act together, and I don't even want to talk about Miami Dolphins defense! Ugh! It is still early in the season, but it has sure been a rough start! Especially with all of the trash talking that has transpired! (Most of it actually coming from me. Go figure.) I will continue to take the verbal beatings (since I will still continue to dish them out) and hold my head up high in hopes for a win later in the season.

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Big Blue's Driver said...

T-Money? really? That was the best you could do?