Monday, September 3, 2007

By the Power of Grayskull!!

So while Tracy was off galavanting in Mexico over the weekend I was left to my own devices and engaged in a multitude of exciting adventures including washing the cars, sleeping, going to the gym, racing GT4 on the PS2, and watching movies. One of the them stood out above the rest: HOT FUZZ. The Brits have managed to create a refreshing take on Hollywood's shoot-em up-blow-em-up-and-if-they're-not-dead-shoot-em-again movie. Highly recommended, some British exposure or experience of the country is recommended to appreciate some subtleties buried within this fantastic flick.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow! a movie recommendation by a Nielsen? I didn't think you guys bothered with such frivolity!! I bet you watched it because the name reminded you of your other love...Fluffer!