Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter and Glad Pask!

A beautiful Easter Sunday in Sausalito! Brunch in the sun followed by a latte with some coffee cake by the water. A 'sucka free' Sunday indeed!

The Easter Bunny actually made a visit to the Northpoint Coffee House today. We were anxiously awaiting his arrival, as we were told "the bunny is on his way, and he is GORGEOUS!". Honestly, I have never heard the Easter Bunny described in such a manner, so of course we waited with great anticipation.

Finally, he had arrived, and he actually looked a little disheveled. He couldn't really see out of his bulbous head and stumbled around with his dirty pink feet. As we watched him flounder around, waving his filthy paws to the kiddos, I was convinced he was half in the bag. He made his ungraceful exit, and was no longer in sight, when a small child came running, and said, "Mom, Mom! That's not the Easter Bunny, that's a man!" This disgrace of a bunny proceeded to remove his hefty noggin in front of the children! Seriously?? That kid is going to need some therapy! (4/8/07)

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Anonymous said...

Easter bunnies, it's no wonder they're crazy. How would you feel if you were locked up all year and the one day that you were allowed to venture outside you had to be nice and courteous to little nasty screaming kids whilst handing out silly pieces of chocolate. I don't know about you but you could find this bunny at the bar on Easter. Cheers!!