Tuesday, August 19, 2008


With the beautiful weather, we decided to take a trip to Liseberg. It is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia. The past couple of times we have been here, it has either been winter (where they have the Christmas market), or pouring rain, so we have been unable to enjoy the rides. Well, the wait is over! We can finally say we have been on the largest wooden roller coaster in the world, know as Balder, we survived the Tornado right after a latte, and we even won some treats! Good times!

A list of all of the different types of tickets you can get.

A hot dog with mashed potatoes on top, known as a halv special. I don't quite understand this, but Peter was pretty excited about it.

Buying the tickets.

Virvelvinden!! The Tilt-A-Whirl, Swedish style!

These suckers really spin you! (even more than the Carnie version in Sonoma) And no, we didn't learn anything from the last time and still ate our hot dogs right before the ride.

P and T on board the Balder.

Sweden's version of Whack-A-Mole

The bathrooms were pristine. I couldn't resist this photo.

Waiting in line for another roller coaster.

Johan, P, and T on board the Tornado. (not recommended just after coffee!)

P and T proudly displaying their winnings.
There is a game where you can win bags and bags of the best chips ever!
(You would love this game Mom!)

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