Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday Drive

So I actually made this video a while ago, but I wanted to post it to show off my in-car camera mount (and how well it works) to all my fellow film-making friends (you know who you are). The mount itself is a professional-grade suction cup that can attach on pretty much anything including metal and glass. Great for some potential action shots on a track-day or perhaps a car chase from my forth coming movie "Belvedere Deceit" (release date 2015 or around there, if I ever finish the screenplay).
As you can see the picture remains very steady despite a very bumpy and curvy road. This short little video was filmed using a small pocket-sized Casio Exilim. If you are interested you can buy this mount and many other film-making contraptions at


Anonymous said...

Cool tip! Where did you place the cam, on the window? Will check out link! :)

Anonymous said...

Really nice! You really captured a nice feeling of speed. We've been thinking about buying one of those "monkeygrips" for our movie. Now we'll definitely get one for our production company! :-)

Monkey said...

I placed the camera on the rear passenger-side window and then declined the backrest of the front passenger seat to get a clear view. I tried a number of angles and this one proved to be the best if you wanted to capture the on-coming road.