Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trackday at Infineon Raceway

Is summer really here?? After unbearable winter temperatures dipping as low as 48F (9 Celsius) and an excruciating total of 18 rain days since the beginning of the year, it would appear that summer is approaching. This week we saw sunny skies and temperatures around 78F (25C) and I got the opportunity to wash my car in shorts and t-shirt for the first time this year.
Summer also means a greater frequency to the trackdays that go on in the area and this time I remembered to bring my camera mount so I was able to capture the excitement. It also gave me the opportunity to try out some new go-fast parts that had recently been added, and indeed they did not disappoint giving the ol' girl supercar-like performance, although there was a Ferrari 430 Scuderia I had trouble keeping up with. And yes, I did out-brake myself after passing that 911, even Michael Schumacher has been known to make a mistake once in a while.

Be sure to press the HQ button on the bottom-right of the video player for better film and sound quality.


Elizabeth said...

That was exciting stuff! How fast do you think you were going? Loved the camera mount and squealing tires in the background. Next time you do this in Sonoma, let me know cause I want o come watch!

FP Brewer said...

Wow...the camera worked really well. I was excited when you passed the Porsche. What kind of car are you driving?
BTW - thanks for the Northwest Brewer magazine. I just now came up for air to look through it. Looks like the annual Booneville gig is coming up in May?

Monkey said...

Driving a slightly modified Volvo S60R. I think Tracy was responsible for the mag.

Monkey said...

And yes, EP's I'll bring you along next time. May 4th is the next event at Infineon. I think the max I saw along the straight that day was around 115-120.