Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Erika's Birthday Extravaganza

My friend and partner in crime Erika came for a visit as her 33rd birthday was rapidly approaching, and she decided to celebrate with a bang by eating and drinking her way through this fantastic city of ours.  

The birthday girl

After circling the airport and stalking baggage claim to find her since her flight was delayed due to another spring snow storm in Denver, (when was the last time you picked up someone from the airport without a cell phone?  Another story.) and then learning the many facets of Fancy Feast cat food (again, another story), we were off to the Mission for dinner at Maverick.

For starters the "Meat at Maverick". 
 It has been determined that I am officially not a big fan of sopressata.  I don't care how pretty you try to make it on the plate.  

Then, the short ribs and paparadelle with mushroom ragu in the background.  Deelish!  
And don't even get me started on the wine!  (A Donkey and Goat, anyone??)

Wandering around the Mission on a Friday night, we decided to pop into the Elbo Room.  I made a beeline to the back of the bar, as a photo op was awaiting us...

I know that first shot looks a little questionable, but that was my terrible attempt at channeling Sophia Loren. 

The weather was amazing, so the next day we decided to round up a couple of cruiser bikes for a jaunt over to Tiburon.  Erika had the wild idea to take out the tandem.  NOT a good idea.  After a few trials and tribulations, and laughing so hard we practically needed a change of pants, we opted for our own bikes.  Phew!

We started out smiling, because we didn't really know what we were in for. 

The map of our journey

The trusty steed

Many Kodak moments to be had along the way

T. lovin' the ride

Once we made it to Tiburon, we had lunch on the patio at Guaymas.  Hands down the best tamale I have ever had....ever!

The chips n' guac were not too shabby either!

Erika enjoying the sun

Downtown Tiburon

We made it home before sunset, and just in time to catch the fog rolling in.

Erika's best senior photo pose.

The next day we had planned to go sea kayaking, but alas, we felt that we had plenty of exercise the day before, so we decided to go shopping!  We tore it up on Union Street and then rounded out the day with a late lunch in the sun at the Crab Shack.

We did not go wrong with the mussels and champagne!

And there's always room for one more big birthday glass o' wine!

Happy birthday my friend!!  Here's to many more celebrations together!  Until next time.....

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The Joffes said...

Oh God how I miss the Bay Area! Happy Birthday to your partner in crime ... Will you be setting up a Birthday in the Bay Area business? If so, can I sign up??