Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kirby Cove

Last week I found myself scrambling for my camping gear that I haven't pulled out for awhile for a mid week adventure on the other side of the bridge to a little hidden gem called Kirby Cove. 

I knew some time had passed since I have ventured into the wilderness when the guy at REI asked if I had just been released from prison due to my lack of familiarity with the latest advances in headlamps. We knew this would also be quite an undertaking for Peter, as there would not be any room service, but since we were not too far from home, we figured it would be a great way to break him in. But alas, he was saved by a trip to the airport to pick up our friend Colin who was coming into town from Halifax. Next time Nielsen, next time.

EP is a great canvas for my attempt at a self portrait.

After some champagne and before the sunset, it was time to set up camp.  I pulled the following shots out of the latest REI catalogue, so I could remember how it was done:

Just like riding a bike.  A very deluxe bike with a very comfortable seat! Check out the level, soft and well marked spot.  Peter would have totally survived.

Deluxe accomodations

T. lovin' the hammock.

A view of the Golden Gate at night.  I never get tired of looking at this bridge.  

Heading back for a day at the office.  Thanks Van Emsts!

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