Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunshine Daydream.....

Last weekend we were running around town on a beautiful 70 degree day in San Francisco, and we thought we would just do a quick "pop-in" around the Haight to put the final touches on our outfits for an upcoming soiree.  Turns out it was the Haight Ashbury Street Fair.  I could see Peter's white knuckles gripping the steering wheel as we were struggling to find a place to park, and the thought of spending his Sunday with all of the hippies in the entire Bay Area that would be in full force was not exactly his first choice, but we ended up finding a spot, and we were happy to be out in the city on such an amazingly beautiful day.  We did also put the finishing touches on our digs for the party, and I am going to have to be sure the camera is fully charged! Stay tuned.... 

 (also to note, I was caught without my camera on this excursion, so I attempted to capture the essence of the day via camera phone.  The quality of the photos is not reflective of the quality of the day o' fun that was had.)

Looking for a parking spot

St. Ignatius Church at USF

Massive amounts of said hippies running around Haight Street

Lots of hippies need lots of BBQ

This keyboardist scored the highly coveted spot by the facilities.

After a walk among the masses, we decided to forgo the street fair edibles and stop for lunch at DeLessio Market and Bakery.

This place was fantastic, and had homemade cakes that were as big as your head!

I really wanted to pull a chair up to the cheese counter

And then I would like to move my chair over to the dessert

Happy Monkey

Happy Frog

We then made a stop over to Crissy Field for a coffee at the Warming Hut and some time on the beach.

A very Sucka-free Sunday indeed!  Let's hope this weather keeps fighting through that San Francisco summer fog!  Until next time.....

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