Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best. Sister. Ever.

My sister and her husband Chris came for a visit over the 4th of July weekend, which of course, I have yet to post any pics.  She was sitting at the kitchen counter and we were talking about the fantastic cookbook she put together for us at Tastebook  for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I always wondered why one of the recipes was marked in the book, and she said it was specific to go with the accompanying gift.  To which I replied, "what accompanying gift?"  She was absolutely mortified and then realized she forgot to send us said gift, and would not let it go.  I told her it was no big deal and that we loved the cookbook itself.

After some good times and sisterly shenanigans during their visit, she said she would send me copies of the pics that we took on a thumb drive.  I waited, and waited (thus the delay in post) and checked the mail, but alas, no thumb drive.  To my surprise, the other day I found a giant box sitting outside the gate from her.  In it were a couple of fantastic serving plates (not pictured) which I loved!  Perfect for pancetta goat cheese crisps topped with fig and honey. (recipe to follow)  She even wrapped it in X-mas paper with a tag that said Merry X-Mas 2007!  She is too much.  This is only one example of why she has earned the title:  Best. Sister. Ever.  Miss you Peen!

Note the thumb drive being conveniently used as an adornment to the gift tag.  
Again, too much!

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