Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Froggie!!!!

Today, Tuesday, November 3 was the Frog's birthday, again. My how time flies. However, the birthday celebrations started already last week with a birthday dinner at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, with our friends Brett & EP, followed by a Sunday brunch at Waterbar with Brett, EP, Rob and Devon.
On the actual birthday we celebrated by eating even more starting with a late lunch at Le Garage in Sausalito and then in the evening with some drinks and more food at Piccolo Teatro.
Thank you to everyone who wrote, called and came out for the vast flora of eating and drinking activities.


The Ultimate Blood Mary at Waterbar is really quite the ultimate

Johnny Cakes

Crab Benedict

The view from the patio at Waterbar

A painting of le garage at Le Garage

Le Garage

Croque Madame....mmmmmmmmm

Another stunning view

Delicious latte

And there were presents too, such a lucky Frog

Thanks EP

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