Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

With 2009 coming to a close, here is a brief look back at some highlights for the year. Here's to 2010! We think it will be the crème de la crème.....

Obama wins! Bush street changed to Obama St. in San Francisco

Skiing in Lake Tahoe at Heavenly

Driving north along the coast

A visit from Erika for her Birthday

A weekend with Mom

Colin stops by

Meet the Farmers dinner in Sausalito

Bettys and Buses

Rob and Kelly's Birthday Extravaganza

Midsommar in Russian River

Mill Valley Wine Tasting

Visiting the boys in Hali

Sailing on the 4th of July

Magnus and Johanna get married!

Dinner in Cannes

Wine tasting in Russian River

Bocce season opener

Luncheon at Flowers Winery

Sausalito Chili Fest

2nd Annual Sausalito Pub Crawl

Mom and Peen in Sonoma for my birthday

The Peanut turns 30!

Skiing in Vail on Christmas Day

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Big Blue's Driver said...

Dude - you have really let that beard go. I dig it!