Friday, June 22, 2007

Glad Midsommar!!

Summer is officially here and the Swedes really know how to get it started off on the right foot. Midsommar is one of the biggest holidays of the year, next to Christmas Eve. We decided to have a celebration of our own since we couldn't make it over to the Motherland. We had some deelish meatballs, dill new potatoes, herring, shrimp with Peter's amazing sauce, cold beer and of course Aquavit. Although our repertoire of Swedish songs was slightly weak, songs were sung, games were played, and of course there was dancing. (6/22/07)

Brett and EP enjoying some Aquavit.....Mmmmmm!

Other pics of the festivities.....


Elizabeth said...

Oh no! Oh NO! We did not. Oh, but we DID!!! Happy Midsommar all you swedes!

Anonymous said...

We had an awesome midsummer over here in the Motherland as well. Sure, it wasnt the same thing without Peter taking a swim in the ocean in his clothes...and the rain was pouring down, but it was still a lot of fun. Hope you guys can make it over here for midsummer next year :-)