Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Adventures in Travel

I made it to the President's Circle.
I love to see my name in lights, even if it is just in the Hertz parking lot.
(Note: poor picture quality due to a last minute snap with camera phone)

I was in Scottsdale this week and I have found that during my travels, people continue to surprise me everyday....particularly in airports. A couple of things that continue to slay me while going through security:
  • "Really, I have to take off my shoes??"
  • "Oh, I guess I have change in my pockets"
  • "What do you mean, I have to throw away my water?"

But the sighting of the day had to be the guy who made a valiant effort to try and remove the very bottom small gray bin used in security to place your laptops, shoes, 3 oz. liquids, etc. (you know the one), that was actually bolted to a cart with wheels. It was obviously the last bin, but this guy proceeded to load up his stuff in it (I actually couldn't believe I had to walk the same path as this guy after he removed his shoes to expose his hobbit-like feet), lifted the entire thing off the ground, shook it violently and then looked at me for some sort of confirmation, that it was indeed going to come off of the cart. Priceless.

Also, for you traveling Moms out there: I try to be sensitive the the art of traveling with small children, but please DO NOT let your toddler run wild in Starbucks and put his grubby little mitts all over the last orange juice in the case while you stand in line and hope he listens to you. Seriously? Aren't Moms today familiar with 'the claw' or 'the look'?? One look from my Mom back in the day and I would immediately stop what I was doing. To this day I can't take more than one piece of candy at the bank without envisioning the death grip of 'the claw' followed by the words, "one each!"

But seriously, the meetings were good, the sushi was tasty, the golf was great, and the weather was fantastic, but nothing really beats coming home. See you at baggage claim.....

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The Joffes said...

I hear ya on the mom thing. Try having your house overrun by three terrors (I mean boys) all under the age of 5. They were supposed to be here for one night maybe two, but now they are staying until Monday. Help me! And the mom's excuse? "Oh, boys aren't like girls. They just don't listen." Hmmm, I bet I could find a way to make them listen.

Welcome home!