Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How I Lost My Virginity.....

I am typically such a United Airlines whore, as they are a member of the Star Alliance and I like to collect the miles, and get the perks of being a frequent flyer, etc. I decided to change it up and try Virgin America. It was like taking a different road on my commute to the office. (If I had a commute to the office.)

I have to say, overall it was a really pleasant experience. First of all, the Virgin America terminal is in the International Terminal at SFO, and I find the International Terminal just so civilized. (Despite the near miss with an intoxicated lunatic at the bar that almost had to be escorted out by security. It reminded me of my days in the ER, but I digress....)

When checking in, the agent actually came from around the counter to share my flight information with me, like I had just purchased some new shoes from Nordstrom or something.
Nice touch.

Other things to note:

  • Every seat has its own TV screen

  • Cupholders built into the tray, so you don't have to use the entire tray to hold a drink

  • The cabin was lit with purple mood lighting

  • Fine Corinthian leather seats

  • Every seat has an outlet

  • The 'inflight team' had very nice wool, full zip sweaters

  • Full size organic trail mix bar for a snack and it even had nuts in it

The crew had a fantastic sense of humor, and decided to call people up to board based on the color they were wearing (I think it was a slow day, but I still appreciated it). The pilot even came out to the terminal and spoke to everyone before we boarded. It is always good to see the guy flying the plane isn't 15 years old (like those kids over at Sky West...again, another story.)And then the best part was we were given an Earth Day gift: a reusable shopping bag with some biodegradable cleaning wipes from Method.

I will see how things go on the return flight, but all in all, a pretty cool flying experience. For now, I will be working like a dog in San Diego at a conference, while Peter wines and dines with the Mayor of London.

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The Joffes said...

And this is how they treat EVERYONE? Not just the lucky bastards in business or economy? So nice to hear that "civilized air travel" still has meaning for some airlines. Don't even get me started on the decline of United these past few years, perks or no perks.