Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why camping should be banned

At 9pm local time this evening a fire broke out on Angel Island (which is located across from Sausalito on the southern point of Richardson Bay). Angel Island, which is a state park, has a number of camping areas all over the island and it was at one of these that the fire broke out. At approximately 10pm there were 40 fire fighters from Marin on site. Interviews with Park Rangers on Angel Island revealed that there were about a dozen campers on the island tonight. At this time no injuries were reported but we can always hope that those camping hippies that started the fire were slightly scorched. Stay posted for my petition to ban camping all across California.

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Unknown said...

Please note that the commentary regarding camping and hippies does not necessarily reflect the views of The Frog. In the past, I have been known to be not only a camping enthusiast, but some might even call me a hippie as well.

(Yes, I really have physically hugged a tree.)