Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lost Balls Wins!

Lost Balls (sans Peter and EP)

While we have made it to the finals many times, we have always fallen short....until now! Lost Balls are officially the 2009 Sausalito Fall Bocce Ball Champions! There was a little bit of controversy, a little bit of sweat, and of course a lot of trash talk, (a special shout out to the Wombats who can dish it out as well as they can take it!) but I am happy to report that the Nielsen Trophy for Bocce Ball Champions is back home where it belongs!

Unfortunately Peter has been under the weather, and EP was taking a class, so they were not able to make it to the court to show off their mad skills (which contributed to the aforementioned sweating), but they got us this far, and we were able to pull it together to bring the trophy home! For now, we will be basking in our glory, but will be anxiously anticipating next season.

A moment with the winning ball

Team Boccelism getting in on the action. We really wanted to play these guys in the finals.

A close up of the trophy (believe it or not, I was not the one who had it engraved)

One last kodak moment for the mantel.

Then we were off to Rob and Devon's for a little post bocce celebration....

Bob having his moment with the trophy

Brett and Kelly (Brett clearly basking in his glory)

Bonocore enjoying the sunset

Devon enjoying Bonocore enjoying the sunset

Brett taking his moment

Rob and the boys from Boccelism

Peter from Northside Bombers (the team we played in the finals) showed up with a magnum of champagne for the winning team. Not sure how he knew that 2 of my favorite things are winning and champagne. Thanks Peter!

And of course, Paulie

A friendly hello from one of my favorite furry friends

I think Rocky was ready to go home. Also another favorite furry friend.

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