Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magnus & Johanna's Wedding

The main reason for our trip to Sweden this summer, other than to see family and friends of course, was to bear witness the joining of brother Magnus to his girl Johanna. The actual ceremony took place at the church in Hovås, which is the neighborhood where we grew up, at least during the times when we did live in Sweden. In fact, that church has now not only seen the wedding of Magnus and Johanna, but also, my baptism as well as my brothers, along with their confirmation (for some reason I had my confirmation at some sort of 3-week golf camp in central Sweden).
The day ended up being perfect with a beautiful and short ceremony followed by a reception and dinner at a very quaint old reception hall, near the harbor inlet to the city of Gothenburg. As always there was plentiful amounts of drink, food and dancing. The pictures beneath tell the story.

Hovås Kyrka

Parents and step-parents gather together for the first time for all to see

Sting-wannabe entertains the couple to-be with Fields of Gold

A bunch of Nielsens looking at some other Nielsens

Introducing Magnus and Johanna Nielsen

Smiles and relieved looks all around

The local paparazzi showed up to capture the moment

The couple surrounded by parents and in-laws

Monkey's mom with her Monkey

In deep and serious conversation in regards to how much booze will be consumed at the recepetion

The church, again

Off to the reception

Finally, Champagne

Anneke and Pappa Kaj with his brother and sister-in-law

The Frog

The Monkey and mom

Seating arrangements

The happy couple

Pappa & mamma

The cake was explosively good

T with uncle Bengt

Sneaking outside for cigars

Johan's Lisa and aunt Ulla

And then there was dancing....

...lots of dancing...good times, good times.

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Little Monkey said...

Sweeeet pics! And may I say, what a beautiful couple.... :P