Thursday, December 27, 2007

Adventures in Sweden Continue....

The past couple of days have been very relaxing. We spent Christmas Day sleeping in and then playing a session of Guitar Hero with Magnus in the afternoon. That game rules! I recommend the '80s edition! Good stuff! Unfourtunately, now both Magnus and Johan are feeling under the weather, so we are on our own for a couple of days. Apparently the bug that was tormenting us in the states has followed us to Sweden.

Last night we went to have dinner with Papa Kaj and Anneke. She chefed up quite a feast with the usual French flair consisting of foie gras, goat cheese stuffed turkey breast with veggies, and a delightful sorbet with fresh fruit and red wine sauce for dessert. Not to mention the accompanying wine was deelish! I think all of that French cuisine in Pegomas has been rubbing off on her. We have postponed our gift exchange until later in the week when the brothers are feeling better.

Today it is pretty cold, dark and rainy. This has given us a great opportunity to catch up on our Swedish music videos and possibly go and do some shopping later.

Hope this finds all of you well and having fun playing with your new Christmas toys!

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