Saturday, December 29, 2007

Master of the Sås

Leif seen here hard at work doing the weekly crossword.
I am convinced this is how he trains his mind to come up with so many good recipes.

(Pronounced sauce, but with a slight New York least that is how it sounds in my head) I could not let this trip go by without giving a shout out to Leif, who has cooked us some amazing meals during our stay. From 2 different kinds of herring, to shrimp with garlic and curry sås, to salmon with a delicious sås made of roe and garlic, and my favorite (besides the herring, of course) was a delicious bergtunga (translates as mountain tounge), but we think it is similar to sole, with another delicious sås, and I do believe garlic was involved, as it usually is. It was so light and flaky and fantastic presentation as well. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to do these meals justice, as we ate fairly quickly since we could not resist!
Tack så mycket Leif! You are the best!

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