Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California Wildfires

I am still hanging in there at my conference in Anaheim. I am starting to run out of steam, but after another day of meetings and standing around our booth trying to pretend I know what I am talking about, I will make the journey home later tonight.

Meanwhile, I am surrounded by over a dozen wildfires that are ripping through Southern California. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. The weather conditions are terrible: hot, dry, and fierce Santa Ana winds that are blowing at 60 mph at times. My boss saw his house on the news with the fire looming and his family was evacuated immediately. I am 50 miles away from the majority of the fires, but the smoke is incredible, and you can smell it even behind closed doors. The governator has delared a state of emergency, and hopefully things will begin to calm down soon.
I am certainly looking forward to coming home, and feel lucky that I actually have a place to go.

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Big Blue's Driver said...

Good to have both of you suckas home. Gear up for Bocce, wine and Monday Night Football. Not rest for the wicked or the Swedes....