Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Colors of Fall

It seems this is a busy travel week for everyone. My girl EP is over in Boston to do some work ths week and she mentioned the changing colors of fall are beautiful. She was suddenly having the desire to go and buy a box of 64 Crayolas. I loved my box of 64! I was always partial to cornflower blue and burnt sienna. She said she could really rip it up with cerulean blue. It then occured to me that there really aren't four seasons in San Francisco. There are only two: brown and green. Or as Crayola would call it, raw umber and mountain meadow. Last night was the first hard rain of the season, and it was fantastic. I love the smell of rain just as it is hitting the ground. Or the sound it makes as it hits the outside of your tent while you are curled up in your sleeping bag with nothing but your candle lantern and a good book. Here's to the beginning of the green season.

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