Friday, January 4, 2008

The Perfect Storm

P. fully decked out in his wet weather gear, and quite happy he was able to get the gate open.

Well we made it home from Sweden just in time to arrive for the storm that hit the Bay Area.  It was pretty wild and knocked out power in most of the area and even shut down the Richmond Bridge and parts of Hwy 101 in Marin.  At one point, winds exceeded 70 mph on the Golden Gate Bridge.  Since we had only been home for 2 days, of course there was no food in the house, so we had to venture out for breakfast and then try to get some rations.  Here are a few pics, with video footage to follow.  

7 Eleven saves us again.  

EP ready to play some cards by candlelight.

P. still decked out in his gear making cocktails....just in case.  


FP Brewer said...

The batteries and the flashlight and the Absolut make a lot of sense, but...c'mon...light beer? If the storm should have overcome you and you were spending your last minutes on would have spent those precious moments drinking...light beer?! What were you thinking?!?! One must become skilled at maintaining a calm head in turbulent times please!

Unknown said...

I appreciate your concern, however, you must realize that I am married to a Swede and he can't handle the dark stuff....unless it is really dark, like Guiness, and you can only have so many chocolate milk shakes, no? And not to worry, if we were really faced with our last minutes, I would have been forced to crack open a nice Brunello anyway!

FP Brewer said...

Whew, what a relief. Thanks. Perhaps a homebrewed Alaskan Smoked Porter one day when his Swede genes have gone to the dark side?