Saturday, January 12, 2008

Playoffs Baby!

Chicago style dog with Ruffles and SBPS.  Mmmmmm!

So this weekend was quite enjoyable.....very relaxing, no power outages, and lots of good football! A moment of silence for Peyton Manning and the Colts, please! Devastating! The only thing that makes up for their loss is the win of the fabulous NY Giants who took out Dallas! It was like Christmas morning all over again, although it is never pretty to see a grown man cry in a press conference. Get it together T.O.! Not to mention the fantastic win by Brett Farve and the Packers. Our pal Brett, who is the world's self professed number one Farve fan came over to enjoy the game with a few beers and some dogs. I can't wait until next weekend!

The fixins

Brett Farve and Tom Brady proud of how fast they ate their dogs.

Note:  Partner in crime EP is not pictured since she is gallivanting around French wine country.   

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Anonymous said...

Daaaaaaamn, that's one tasty looking sandwich!!!