Thursday, May 1, 2008

Facebook Live

I have still not completely got on board this whole Facebook train. I thought I was being pretty hip to the scene tapping into the blogosphere, but perhaps not so much. So, I opened an account, got myself a measly 20+ friends, and check my page every once in awhile. (Peter is all over that thing, has hundreds of "friends", tells people 'what he is doing right now', changes his profile picture all the time, but he will never admit it!)

So I find myself touching base with a few people from high school, old friends, and even people that are just down the road. It also involves taking ridiculous quizzes that tell me I was Joan of Arc in a past life, or proudly displaying my favorite bars in the Bay Area, or even receiving a gift in the form of a virtual can of PBR. My favorite is the option to 'poke' someone, or even 'throw a sheep' at someone. Seriously?

Check out the interpretation by Idiots of Ants, who are a London based comedy sketch group.


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