Sunday, May 4, 2008

Monkey and the Frog take P-town

So on Friday evening Monkey and The Frog went up to Petaluma for their first evening out with their pals Brett and EP. It was a complete evening filled with drinks, dinner (video of the Monkey enjoying dinner can be found below), bar-hopping and games. The bar-hopping part was a bit of a culture-shock for all of us. Not since college have we collected such an impressive amount of bar-entry stamps on wrists, hands and arms. Then there was the whole age thing......the average age of the patrons of all the bars we went to was somewhere around 21, which I thoroughly enjoyed as it made me feel 21 again (getting ID'd at every place helped too as well as the eye-candy), but apparently the young surroundings made everyone else feel old....go figure. We also enjoyed our very first evening on the inflatable mattress in the guest room and were unpleasantly surprised by the 7am garbage pick-up right outside our window. However, it was all made good by a delicious breakfast, complete with a juice-bar, cupcakes and a fantastic potato-egg-cheese-bacon thingamajig courtesy of Chef Brett. Good times, good times. Below are some moments capturing the essence of the evening.

Warming up with some drinks on the living room floor

Extreme balancing talents being demonstrated

P enjoying EPs famous Taco Salad with some Absolut Red Bull

This is not a GAP ad, we are just on our way out to the bars

This however, is an actual GAP ad

Evidence of the path of destruction we left in P-town

T getting comfy for some gaming action

EP showing us how its done....notice the look of superiority

This is what a night in Petaluma does to your hair

Brett treats us to a goodnight pose


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Big Blue's Driver said...

We slept from 5pm on Saturday until 10:30 ish on Sunday morning. I'm not even sure I got up to use the restroom.