Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trackday at Thunderhill again

On Thursday May 1st I was at yet another trackday event (seems like that is all I do nowadays). This time at one of my favorite tracks, Thunderhill. It's quite a technical track with 15 corners (many of them, off-camber) over 3 miles (4.8km). Most of the corners are taken in 2nd or 3rd gear and on the main straight I usually see speeds a little over 120mph (192kmh) in 4th gear before diving into corner 1 at about 90mph. Good times indeed. I had a new software tune for the car this time so it was quite a monster with nothing else out there being quite as quick. Even though this was a Volvo Club event the track was littered with Porsches, Corvettes and EVO's which made it so much more satisfying. Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone with me this time so I was not able to capture any footage of myself out there, however I am working on an in-camera set-up for next time.
Caution to all non-car enthusiasts: This short video will be extremely boring to you so please refrain from leaving comments to that effect below. All others: Please enjoy!

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