Monday, September 7, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Okay, so we have been home from the Motherland for a few weeks, but we still haven't really quite caught our breath. There have been trips to Denver, LA, San Diego, an attempt in mastering the art of making a perfect margarita, drinking wine in Russian River, and even an attempt to channel our inner child by jumping rope in Petaluma. The end of the summer flew by in a blur, although, as far as summer weather goes, in our neck of the woods, it is really just the beginning......

The 4th of July came and went way too fast. We had a fantastic time and it was definitely one of the highlights of our summer. We couldn't let any more time pass without a mention of it here, and posting a few Kodak moments. The Keeleys came to town (my sister and her husband) and we started out with a trip to the city via ferryboat for a Giants game.

Peen and Peter walking to the ferry

Heading across the Bay

A glimpse of the Ferry Building

Walking to AT&T Park.
This is the spot where Tony Bennett supposedly left his heart in San Francisco.

Sisters at the ball park.
Fireworks after the game.

P and T heading back home in the cab.

After a great time at the Giants game and one too many handfuls of garlic fries, the next day we headed out for our annual 4th o' July sail in San Francisco Bay. This has become somewhat of a tradition and we were thrilled that the Keeleys were in town for it this year! Also on deck were the Fenirattys, who came equipped with a barrel of laughs and gourmet sandwiches of course, and Joey and Erica were also able to join us. With our trusty captain and a cooler full of cold beer, we were off to set sail.

Our captain making his final checks

Lucas girls ready to go

Rob, gourmet chef, and avid sailor

Joey and Devon don't look like they are going to have any fun at all


Our captain having to make a few last minute adjustments MacGyver style

Rob at the helm

The Keeleys
T and Devon

Joey and Erica taking it in

The crew

T. putting her back into it

Pedro and The Fenirattys

P. always happy to be out on the water

Peen on the lookout

Nielsens and Fenirattys

Monkey and The Frog at sea

Although our day had come to an end on the water, things were just getting started back at Chez Nielsen. We had a little BBQ and a handful of people stopped by for some fun and fireworks. The evening ended in polyester, some Euro-trash beats, and a super-model walk-off. Definitely off the hook, and will be tough to top next year!

Boats starting to accumulate for the fireworks

Jamie taking in the view from our deck

LP getting after the prosciutto, goat cheese and fig crisps. Mmmmm.....

Peen and Devon a little uncertain about the leftover tequila/watermelon juice

Devon's cheesecake we affectionately referred to as 'the flag'

Somehow Michael ended up in my one piece polyester number from a previous party.
Work it Michael. Work it.

And the Shaws proceeded to get the dance party started.

Peanut sandwich
Kelly, Christina, and LP. Cheers, girls!

T. at her post in the kitchen.

Until next year.....

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