Saturday, September 12, 2009

I smell Wombats!

The weather is getting warmer, the streets are becoming less crowded with tourists, and Tom Jones actually had enough potatoes at the chicken truck! Yep, bocce season is here! It was a great turnout for the season opener, and we were anxious to meet the new team Frarness Kraun. This team has caused quite a controversy in the league, and I won't bore you with the details, but the rumor is, that the captain of this team, his great great grandfather invented bocce ball, and he has been trying to get into the Sausalito league for 10 years. It has also been said that that this captain has never even washed his bright orange lucky bocce socks. (The story only got better with increased amounts of wine.)

In an attempt to look like we came to win, we decided to go with team uniforms. Not having our act together to come through with t-shirts, we opted for the next best thing, which of course, were sweatbands. I thought we looked like champions, and they must have made a difference since we won our first game! Here's to a great season!

On the way to the game

T. with her game face

The Nielsen Trophy for Bocce Ball Champions with some special touches by last season's champions: The Wombats.
They have officially set the bar and now we want the trophy even more!

A couple of  Balloon Knots.
I think Devon just realized she was going to have to tell Rob they lost.
Brittany clearly in denial. Clearly.

And the Van Emsts definitely brought their A-game

The sun was setting and the fog was rolling in on the walk home

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