Monday, September 21, 2009

Sweden Summer 2009

So, as I mentioned during my last entry, we are indeed a few months behind on our blog entries in relation to when it actually happened.
On July 25th I got on a plane in Montreal (after a week in Hali and an evening in Montreal) heading to Europe. On the same day, The Frog did the same, but departing from SFO. Destination: the motherland and mothertown of Gothenburg.
As always, I try to make this trip every year to see family and catch up, however this year's trip was more centered on my brother Magnus' wedding (see upcoming post). A couple of days after arriving I caught a really horrible cold, so not that much got done during the week, other than lots of coffee drinking and tv watching. We did manage to squeeze in some tasty dinners with mom and Leif as well as dad and Anneke, who also were in Sweden for the wedding, naturally.
Below are some of the few pics we managed to take that were non-wedding related.

Where the Monkey grew up

More snaps of the ol' hood

Dangerous gangstas from the ol' hood

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