Friday, September 11, 2009

Going back to Hali, Hali, Hali

So as many of you have discovered we are running a little behind with our blog entries. Our explanation is simple, we've simply been traveling and having way too much fun to post any new blogs. The best part is that the majority of all the traveling has been for pure pleasure, which is always a bonus. As such we have a couple of months of posts to catch up on.

As most of you may know we headed over to Europe in July. However, before that, I made a stop in my old stomping grounds of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sadly I discovered that next time I come for a visit I need more than a week to really do and see all the people I want to. Alas, some of you were not graced by my presence and for that I apologize.

However, in my short time there I was able to squeeze in some quality time with some of my oldest and best friends. It was all capped off with perhaps one of my favourite places in the world, Stefan's cottage, which is where all the pictures were taken. Good times, good times. Still hard to beat summers in Hali. I'll be back next year, for an extended visit. Thanks for the memories.

Colin, Andy, Stefan and Mike T in from TO
Aaargh, she's a beauty
Andy enjoying the combined tranquility of the ocean and texting
The Captain (Jr., the real Captain is Paul, as we all know)

Darren and Glen sippin' on some grape juice in fine crystal
Vortex of happiness and debauchery in the distance



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