Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Adventures of Big Blue

So on Sunday, while Tracy was taking her mom and sister to the airport I was invited by Brett and EP to my first ride in Big Blue. The destination was the Marin Headlands and the plan was to have a beer whilst enjoying the sounds of the ocean. We were treated to a true San Francisco evening filled with fog and other mysterious surprises. Of course the adventure was chronicled, so please enjoy.


Unknown said...

Wow! A blog entry complete with link, a great video, and can we talk about you riding in a VW bus?! I can't believe I missed that! It looked like you were actually enjoying it. Do I need to make room in the garage? Good stuff Nielsen! Good stuff!

Big Blue's Driver said...

Agreed. Good stuff. Thanks for posting it! We'll do it again next Sunday!

Elizabeth said...

Sweet! Perfect choice of song as well. Impressive stuff Pedro.