Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving?

Well, Thanksgiving came and went, (wow...exactly one week ago today)! Our delicious 4 day weekend came to a screeching hault first thing Monday morning and we jumped back into work with both feet. Sadly, there has not been much time for an update, and there are tons of pics and even video footage, but we just haven't had time to pull it all together. I will say that we had a fantastic extravaganza filled with friends, delicious food that was prepared Iron Chef style, some festive cocktails, and of course, football.

I will leave you with just one pic for now that seems to sum up the day: a turkey hat, friends laughing at you (even though you think they are laughing with you) and an ice cold PBR. With 2 empty champagne bottles (oops...sparkling wine, sorry P.) on the top of the fridge before 2 pm you are probably wondering if Brett's hat changed from a turkey to a lamp shade.

Good thing we don't really have any lamps.


Anonymous said...

Really? Laughing at me? Who had sparkling wine in that can of PBR?

And why is everyone wearing black? What is this, New York City?

Anonymous said...

Black is very slimming, which can come in handy on holidays that encourage excessive eating and drinking. Keep in mind this is regardless of which coast you may be partaking in the revelry.