Saturday, November 17, 2007

Weekend O' Fun

Mom and Peen came into town for the weekend and good times were had by all! Since my birthday was a couple of weeks ago (insert shameless plug for love and attention here), they came out to have a late celebration with me, and of course to spend some time with Peter. It was a fun filled weekend with lots of eating, drinking, shopping, and laughing! We hit some of our favorite spots, tried some new restaurants, visited some old favorites, did some damage at Bloomingdales and took a trip to wine country. It is always an adventure when the Lucas girls come to town. My stomach hurts from laughing, my pants are too tight from all of the eating, and I think Peter's ears are bleeding! Until next time.....

First, a stop at Fish for dinner (of course)

A quick bite at the burger joint on Bridgeway.
We pass this place at least once a day, and have never made a stop.
There is usually a line out the door, and now I know why.
Peen seen here really enjoying her burger. Clearly!

Some after bocce cocktails with Lost Balls at Jan's house.
Not exactly a victory celebration, but still a great time.

Passing on the key to the city of Sausalito? From the past mayor to the future?
Good times on the walk home

Lunch at Cafe de la Presse in the city. This latte was as big as my head.
Fantastic place and fabulous food!

We had to make a stop at the new Barneys in San Francisco.
Some of the most fantastic shoes I have ever seen!
And HUGE bags!
I think we could have carried Peen out in this one!
Dinner at Poggio in Sausalito with the gang.
Hands down best tiramisu ever! ( I don't care what you say Peen!)

Enjoying some bubbly in Napa.
The weather was perfect and the wine was deelish!

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