Saturday, March 8, 2008

Babs' Fishtrap

We headed down to Half Moon Bay for some lunch and some fun in the sun in celebration of actually being in the same place at the same time. It was a great day that would not be tainted by some heavy fog and a pretty weak lunch at 'the trap' as I like to call it. I am not going to bore you with the details of steamed mussels that had great potential but just didn't cut it, and a shrimp sandwich that we had high hopes for, again leaving us wanting something more.  Once again, our theory rings true:  if the restaurant is on the water, it is literally a trap.  Show me the place off the beaten path, down an alley, with lots of locals anytime.  People get sucked in by the view to the point that they forget they are eating crappy food.  

The interior decor.  Should have probably been our first clue.  

We had such high hopes for these babies.  Not so much. 

P. getting after it.

If you ever find yourself in HMB, opt for the brewing co. across the street. They brew up a mean batch of Mavericks, and I guarantee you the only lipstick on your glass will be your own. Despite the weak vittles, we had a great day and some beautiful weather, that was complete with a tasty latte for the journey back home.


Big Blue's Driver said...

Agreed. The brewing Co is where it's at...

FP Brewer said... come nobody told me about HMB whilst I was on the left coast during the wedding? Is it close to Sausalito? Have you tried the pale ale or the IPA? Can I go next time I come out? Have you enjoyed my whining?

Anonymous said...

Actually, HMB is only 35 miles south of Sausalito. A sweet drive down the coast, actually. I have not tried the pale ale or the IPA, as I am always partial to amber ale. And no worries, it actually didn't sound like you were whining. You only sound like you are whining when you are talking about the Dallas Cowboys.