Saturday, March 1, 2008

Double Header with Cheese

Scoping out the competition from Big Blue.

Well, last night marked the first match of the fall bocce league, and the last match of the Shuffle Scuffle. It seemed to get pretty dark rather quickly which always makes it a little more challenging on the bocce court. Sadly, we lost our first bocce match, (probably because Pedro is off running around in Halifax and didn't pull us through with his wicked long ball skills. Hurry home Monkey!) but Double Hangars (EP and myself) took out The Hobos at Smitty's, knocking them out of the running for 3rd place in the Shuffle Scuffle. SWA (Peter and Brett's team) also had a solid win and Eeps really stepped up to the plate on behalf of Pedro. Hats off to Motted Peat for pulling off another undefeated season. Bastards! The highlight for me was actually our midnight run to In-n-Out for some burgers and fries that were devoured in Big Blue right in the parking lot.

Decisions, decisions.....

Some high school boys in line behind us enjoying making fun of us (okay, me.)

Never try and reason with a woman when she is hungry.  


The bounty

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Big Blue's Driver said...

Those kids behind us were hilarious. I can't believe you got that picture!