Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday to the greatest Mom ever!! I can't believe you are 60 years young! It seems like only yesterday you were making us salmon patties and waxed beans for dinner! (Who eats waxed beans??) Here's to talking too loud, laughing too hard, and eating way too much! But most importantly, here's to you! See you at The French Laundry for your 70th!

Mom and Auntie Peggy in April 1969.

Having sparkling wine in Napa.

Hangin' out in Sausalito.

Trace, Jeff, Susie, and Mom (X-mas 2005)

Contemplating our next bocce move.

Getting ready to have her favorite meal: chips!


Big Blue's Driver said...

Wow. She really looks like you in those wedding photos...

Unknown said...

Scary, isn't it??