Friday, March 28, 2008

YARWoG '08

Yet Another Red Wine Gathering....

My buddy Ryan happened to be in town from Grenada, Spain so what better reason to get together with our pals and drink red wine. It was great to see everyone, that I haven't seen in ages! Scott and Heidi back from England, Tara and Mark moving to France, Suzy 'with a zee' to graduate with her Masters in May, Sara and Victor pregnant and her cupcakes to be debuted on Martha Stewart (actual cupcakes, get your mind out of the gutter Kevin!), everyone's kiddos getting so big, and Kevin actually stayed awake until 10 PM!! Thanks to Sauce for letting us crash her humble abode and of course for the laughs and the memories! Until next time....

Good to see ya' Big Ry!

Scotty loves his chicken.

James and Kevin (Kev still holding his head up)

Ry and Mark (Ry trying his hardest not to show his nostrils in the pic)

Sara and Vic (cute as usual)

The Susies

Sauce and Evan (with a mouth full of cookies)

Apparently kids drink a lot of milk!

Ry and The Peanut

Scotty can't get enough love from Ry.

Victor and Burg (Vic always up to something...)

10:05 PM, Kevin out cold, while Evan holds down the fort.

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The Joffes said...

Hey there, Great to see you too. Love your blog! Puts my little one to shame. Hope to see you in France or maybe a reunion in Grenada with the Mc-M family?!