Friday, March 14, 2008

They're here!

Mom, Auntie Peggy and Peen arrive from the airport in the cab at 2am.
They had to take a cab due to some missing keys and an unsuccessful trash expedition.

My sister and I decided to surprise our Mom for her 60th birthday.  We packed her a bag, showed up at her office and took her straight to the airport for a fun food and wine filled adventure in Napa.  Her best friend since kindergarten, Peggy, (Auntie Peggy to us) also came out this way (again, unbeknownst to Mom) to join in the festivities.  It has been quite an adventure just getting everyone in the same place at the same time....delayed flights, a lost cell phone, a missing pair of house keys and a journey digging through the trash at 1:00 am, but everyone made it, and the fun hasn't even begun!  I can't wait!

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