Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th O' July Parade

Every year we enjoy our little Sausalito Independence Day Parade. It starts right by our house, and it is fun to try and catch the candy all of the float enthusiasts attempt to get up to us on the second floor. Most important to note, was a strong showing from the new Bocce Ball Spring League Champions: The Pirates of Sausalito. A slightly controversial team that ended up getting together due to the end of their former team, Italian's at Heart (which our team Lost Balls benefitted from greatly and got first pick of the best ringers. That's right, I am talking about you Carolyn, Bob and Jeanne!) It was a huge upset in the spring, as A&J Rollers have been kings of the parade for many years prior, and it did not go unnoticed!

The Pirates of Sausalito. (Note the Nielsen Trophy for Bocce Ball Champions displayed proudly.)

A couple of skater chics really want a skate park. (I can appreciate their enthusiasm, and the people that came out in droves to support them.)

Seapoint by the Golden Gate. (I am not really sure who these guys are, but I think it might be similar to The Lions Club. )

Some guys carrying a really big flag.
And what is a parade without the Organic Pancake and Waffle Batter float? (They must have need to fill some slots.)

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