Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sucka-Free Sunday in Sonoma

Over the weekend we headed up to Sonoma for a little fun in the sun, a mean hot dog, and a heated game of bocce ball. It was our first journey to Sonoma, as we usually find ourselves gallivanting around Napa, and we were not disappointed. Our friends Brett and EP were along for the ride, which always makes for a good time. Brett has also documented our adventure here, complete with the history of the Sunflower Caffé (and I thought we were just eating an awesome hot dog on a really nice patio) and details about our little pseudo-ghost town adventure to Wingo. It would seem we have a knack for capturing similar kodak moments, so I have just attached a few with a little different perspective.

Also to note: avoid the fish and chips at Fourth and Sea. The 7 piece meal definitely covered the Van Nielsen family, and was very inexpensive, but trust me, we paid for it later.

First it begins with the search for a hot dog and a beer.

Then off to the Larson Family Winery.  Just our luck....the bocce court and tasting room were in the same direction!

Greeted by a friendly, furry face 

Photo by Brett Van Emst
 Peter's smoldering charm and good looks just a bonus.  

A rare shot of all four of us in one picture at the same time.  

Would you buy some French Oak from this girl?  

The boys

The girls

The bocce
Nice grouping boys, but looks like the point goes to the girls.

Then for a walk to the booming metropolis of Wingo.  

A bit blustery

Eeps could not take one more step.  Turns out those boots were not made for walking.
(I think I am going to have to throw away the flip flops I was wearing during the journey.)

But there is always time for a moment in a tire swing.


The Joffes said...

You guys (oops, I mean y'all) are just having way too much fun. Stop it already, you're making me jealous :)

Big Blue's Driver said...

Dudes - there was nothing wrong with that fish. I had the leftovers the next day...