Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Greetings From Seattle

So I have been in a meeting since 8 am (which as we all know that is way too early for a Frog!) and I thought I would share a few sights I could see while I am trapped in this building. Once again I left the house without my camera so the poor quality is due to my handy cell phone camera.

View of the Space Needle. Note the beautiful sunny day. (Not so much)

Anyone can see the Space Needle, but what about the home of the World's Largest Trophy Cup! How awesome would it be to place this on the hood of the Volvo as we proudly display our bocce ball victory in the 4th of July parade??

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EricaB said...

The good ole Emerald city! Many good years spent there. We used to be able to see the space needle from the deck on our apartment in Queen Anne. We lived in the old Queen Anne high school (circa early 1900s) that they converted to apartments. We had the old art room. Back in our hippy-hipster nonparenting days. Many, many grey hairs and ulcers ago. LOL.