Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Tacoma....

....where I am staying at the Hotel Murano, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite little hotels. I stayed here last time I came through town, and as I was running off to my meeting at the crack of dawn the next morning, they had a pipe burst overnight and there was no water. After spit shining myself with the bottle of Evian in the mini bar, and some strong words exchanged at the front desk, I came back to a very nice upgrade in one of their suites without even asking. Score! It really is a cool little boutique hotel right downtown surrounded by some fantastic restaurants, and the entire hotel is covered in amazing glass art from artisits all over the world. One that stood out to me was Bertil Vallien , (showcased on the 18th floor) one of Sweden's best known artists. (holla!)

I could not take going out to dinner one more night, so room service was in order (literally). I ended up getting the most fantastic homemade lobster pot pie that I have ever had. (Eat your heart out Marie Callendar!) The chunks of lobster and the fresh veggies and the most amazing crust were to die for! I topped off the evening with some Pinot and a Pedi and was a new woman! But even after the eating, the drinking, the pampering, there is still no place like home..... (headed your way tomorrow P.!)

Fantastic meal!

A closer look at the pie. Oh man, I would like a lobster pot pie body wrap!

Sandcasted glass boat by Bertil Vallien. (pathetic attempt to capture it in the display)

Bertil says, "The ship is a perfect vessel for the expression of loneliness. It is evocative of femininity, of adventure, of catastrophe, a thin protective shell that demands the absolute respect of all aboard. It is a society in isolation, a self-contained world afloat on the sea."


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Cherie Mac said...

OMG Frog! That lobster pot pie looks soooo good. How is it you and the Monkey tend to find/make/eat the best looking food?! Awesome epicurean reporting! Safe travels! P.S. Gonna borrow that quote for Edwin's blog...deep indeed!