Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Celebration of Independence on the Bay

So, after the parade we decided to take a little sail in the Bay. It was a little cooler than we hoped, but the sun was out despite the thick fog, and the wind was blowing! It is always fantastic to get out on the water and view the city and the sights from a little different perspective.

The cruise director.
Our Captain, prepping the crew.
Bergie, our Purser.  
Part of the crew: Karl and Felicia, raring to go.
P. reefing the main.

P. checking the list.
T. happy to be out on the water.
Amanda and Bergie
T. at the helm (Felicia trying to be okay with T. at the helm)
P, T, and Amanda hair blowing in the breeze. 
Chez Nielsen
Amanda just trying to stay in the boat.
Bergie and Karl taking it all in.
A boat with a really huge flag.
Amanda, Felicia, and Bergie trying not to get blown away. (Clearly not having fun at all)
Our fearless leader bringing us back home.

Then back to Chez Nielsen for some BBQ type fare, and the fireworks....

Bergie and Amanda, again, not having much fun.
Karl and Felicia trying to get warm after being out on the water. (not to mention after taking much of that water  in the face!)
The food
The drinks
The chef
The Frog (seen here with aforementioned chef)

And then the sparkler incident.....(don't ask!)

Lighting them up
Showing the people of Sausalito some Independence Day spirit
And the need for some new cushions.....
A VW bus sighting, with a funky exposure that didn't quite work out.  
But mostly a shoutout to our pals Brett and EP while they are in Michigan.  We miss you guys!

The fireworks.  Quite a show!

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Elizabeth said...

Nice - a shout out! I feel so honored. Those sparklers indeed look like mini torches. Love the fireworks image at the end. Glad you guys had a great fourth!