Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Journey Across the Bridge

View from the backseat as we cross the Richmond Bridge.

Last week we headed to the East Bay for a little pizza and some microbrews at Jupiter in Berkeley. It is always an adventure visiting Berkeley and actually reminds me of Boulder, Colorado. Young, aspiring college hopefuls (which oddly seem to be getting younger), a bookstore on every corner, and multiple Birkenstock sightings. Jupiter had a great patio, a DJ that was actually spinning vinyl (to Peter's delight), and some fantastic pizza. 

Brett paying the meter.

Mmmmm, pizza. (not to mention, excellent crust!)

P. always a sucker for the house stout, myself, I am partial to a tasty Pilsner.

The boys making their way back to the car.  
Note:  EP is not pictured on this trek as se was out tearing it up in the city with Cousin Ralph.
Next time Eeps.  Next time.  

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Big Blue's Driver said...

I never really noticed but I think Pedro is always driving with his hands at 10 and 2.

I need to teach him the Detroit Slide...