Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Biggest Little City

I headed up over the hill to Reno, NV to do some work during the week and then Peter met me on Friday to do a little exploring in Lake Tahoe. My limit in Reno is typically a maximum of 2 nights, but a graduation party on Saturday night turned it into a long weekend. Lake Tahoe was absolutely gorgeous! It was like picking up Colorado and putting it right next to a beautiful lake! Hopefully we will actually make it up skiing this year!

It has been so dry, so it was good to see the fire danger was low.

This picture does not do the true blue color of the lake justice. So beautiful!
(Also to note we were driving at high speed.)

Crossing the border back into California.

Crazy Reno cabbie who gave us a ride home from the party.

Late night snack run to vending machine down the hall.
It was like a bad Seinfeld episode. Chips actually do get stuck!
(and yes, we ended up scraping up enough change to get the bag behind it as well)

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Elizabeth said...

I have to say - I have a little tear in my eye that the Nielsen's are finally getting out of Sausalito and exploring California! I remember a time when I learned they had never been to Mendocino. Now look at them! Santa Cruz Sundays, Nicasio road trips, Lake Tahoe explorations, China Camp moments. Welcome to Northern California!!! We'll have you camping in no time...