Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sweden vs. Russia......oh dear

So it would appear that the team with the highest average age in Euro 2008 didn't have much left in them against a much more youthful and energetic Russia (since when was Russia included in Europe anyways??.......they should be banished, it's called Euro 2008, not Euro-Russia 2008......but I digress). After a brilliant opening match against the defending champions, Greece, and a hard-fought battle against Spain (which was only lost due to the guilty conscience of the Dutch referee who refused to penalize Spain for anything in the second half.....or perhaps he knew that if Sweden was to face Holland, Sweden would have demolished them), the Swedish team ultimately fizzled. Oh dear. See you in 4 years.....hopefully with a more youthful Swedish team.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah..that was a tough blow! Russia was way better than us, but let us hope Lagerbäck (the swedish coach) takes this opportunity to make some changes in the team (at least three players are going into retirement after this championship) and learns something from the defeat.

But we can always take consolation in the fact that Russia's team seem to be in fantastic form and whipped poor Holland even more than they whipped Sweden...and with Spain in the semi-finals as well, it seems Sweden was in one of Euros toughest groups (where Sweden was the lowest ranked team).

Anyway, the road to the World Cup in South Africa is long so lets keep our fingers crossed that Sweden make it all the way there! :-)